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Leveraging innovative technology to create a better world and invent next-gen business models

Businesses today are no longer defined by their level of capital, but by the technology they use to create it. The wave of digital transformation has unleashed a world without boundaries between sectors, where emerging technologies are accelerating the pace and potential for value creation.

Creating new value with technology

At Future of Technology, our mission is to help companies transform and adapt to this change. How? By deploying technology that has a direct impact on the business.

The right technology choices have become one of management’s top priorities. That’s because technology provides operational benefits that go far beyond IT to deliver impact in areas such as cost control, risk management, and the creation of new services that build competitive advantage in the market.

This is evidenced by research revealing that 3 in 4 organizations implementing artificial intelligence (AI) increased sales of new products and services by more than 10% and 78% increased operational efficiency by more than 10%. (Capgemini Research Institute)

Reinventing your digital transformation

With our unique and inventive approach to digital transformation, we help you strategize the services, platforms, architecture and operating model you need to reimagine how you operate.

We empower you with tailor-made solutions that deliver real business value at scale: faster time-to-market, operational efficiency, and higher customer satisfaction.

Our new strategic offer Inventive IT is designed to help you address your most critical business issues by transforming both your technology and operating model simultaneously, generating desired business outcomes.

Accelerating your agile journey

We also combine strategy, technology, data science and creative design to:

  • Evaluate the emerging technologies and new platforms to create the right environment for digital transformation with our Digital Factory, IoT and Blockchain solutions.
  • Accelerate the transition towards a true agile and digital IT landscape, using our Agile at Scale and Cloud Transformation offerings.
  • Deepen the impact of new digital solutions across the enterprise architecture with our Digital Architecture service.
  • Safeguard business continuity and reputation by protecting digital assets utilizing our Digital Trust and Cybersecurity solutions.

Our solutions leverage our ecosystem of partners, as well as Capgemini Group capabilities, such as Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE), Rightshore® global delivery models, and solutions for cloud migration, automation and DevOps.

Thought Leadership

Simultaneous Transformation

To generate business value, visionary CIOs must transform their technology and operating...

Transforming into an Agile company

Companies want to move quicker from strategic thinking to development and roll out of ideas,...

Improve operations with Hybrid Cloud

  • 81% of companies use both Public & Private Cloud, enabling them to make the most of cloud-native applications and modernize legacy systems in today’s new and highly innovative marketplace.

Reduce M&A cost through IT

  • M&A programs are often resource-heavy transformations, usually accompanied by additional cost and operational overlaps. Transforming IT during such programs leads to 40% savings due to synergies..

Master your Agile transformation

  • SAFe is the most used Agile scaling method, with 29% of market share. Its flexibility makes it ideal for designing and deploying a tailored operating model for small to large organizations.

Simultaneous transformation will enable your thriving digital reality

Inventive IT

Inventive IT

Simultaneous transformation will enable your thriving digital reality

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