Insurance Accelerators

Reduce implementation time and risk and improve accuracy with proven methodologies and tools

Some of the accelerators and tools used for implementation include:

Functionality Matrix

The Functionality Matrix provides an entire list of requirements, encompassing all the elements of the Claims Value Chain. These requirements are mapped for every product line and are categorized as per 11 core business processes. This enables an efficient requirements gathering exercise, including validation and analysis.

Use Cases

We have developed an exhaustive list of 130+ Use Cases to cover the wide range of out-of-the-box product functionality. The Use Cases depict the primary as well as alternate flows of the application from user perspective, making it easier to adapt to any changes in configuration and customization.

Process Flows

A complete list of process flows covering all areas of the functionality and aligned to Use Cases has been created. These flows depict the end-to-end processing flow of the application / product.

Field Level Specifications

Field level specifications have been designed to capture all the screen elements of the product as per functionality. Each screen element is captured to its actual database element and the access entity, thereby providing visibility into component level details.

Business Rules Repository

A comprehensive list of 700+ business rules has been developed, resulting from an in-depth study of the product. This enables business users to have a good understanding of the rules, thereby enhancing their knowledge and usage of the product.

Requirement to Use Case Mapping

This accelerator maps requirements to existing Use Case. This enables dependent traceability, thereby providing easier identification of the Use Case that is impacted for any changes in requirements and vice versa.

Use Case to Field Level Specification Mapping

This accelerator maps Use Case to Field Level Specification. During requirement definition or development exercises, changes to screen design or functionality can easily be traced between Use Cases and Field Level Specifications.

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