Create new digital business models, develop new products and services, and drive new levels of customer engagement and operational efficiency.

Today, our clients want to move at lightning speed to drive disruptive growth in the marketplace. With the impact that technology innovation has on business innovation, we believe that one of the greatest challenges facing companies today is the ability to create new digital business models, develop new products and services, and drive new levels of customer engagement and operational efficiency. Unfortunately, innovation from within an existing enterprise is hard and frought with risk. Identifying and leveraging immature, nascent, and potentially disruptive technologies is usually not a core competency within companies. We offer a variety of innovation services, from digital experience design to our own incubation lab. Through structured innovation workshops, customer journey mapping and persona development, and rapid prototyping, we help envision intelligent customer engagement across brand strategy, commerce execution, and multichannel experiences to drive better customer acquisition, retention, and engagement.

  • Product & Service Prototyping
  • Technology Incubation
  • Platform & Accelerator Development
  • Emerging Tech Evaluation

Our Innovation-as-a-Service Team explores new and emerging technologies to create the next wave of digital business solutions. By leveraging emerging technologies, we create prototypes, solutions, and accelerators that are designed to improve time to market and lower costs for our clients.  Through the combination of business, design, and technology, we help our clients deliver lasting customer experiences that increase engagement and create real, measurable business results – helping you with: product & service prototyping, platform development, technology incubation, and emerging technology evaluation.

Client Stories

SP Group enables choice and flexibility to purchase electricity

Capgemini supports digital transformation to prepare for the Open Electricity Market

Home Office completes one of the UK Government’s largest cloud transformation projects

Capgemini plays a key role in Amazon Web Services cloud platform implementation, enabling quicker, more efficient digital improvements for the UK Immigration Service.

Leveraging Bluemix at PostNord

PostNord, a leading logistics company in the Nordics, was looking for a partner to help them be innovative with their clients.

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