An effective scheduling platform that easily integrates with other administration systems can help hospitals improve patient outcomes, and internal efficiency and capacity. By managing the workflow that supports each patient’s journey through the treatment process, Bookplan can make it happen.

On the Road to High-Performance Hospitals

Hospitals are increasingly under pressure to improve patient outcomes, and optimize efficiency and budgets. Typical barriers to effective medical outcomes include:

  • Preference for manual appointment scheduling
  • Lack of systems integration between departments
  • Reliance on printed lists, paper-based methods and whiteboards

A solution that enables hospitals to manage workflow electronically can rapidly improve coordination between departments for a seamless patient experience and shorter waiting times.

Improved Scheduling for Better Patient Outcomes  

Bookplan delivers a single platform for scheduling all hospital appointments, from outpatient clinics to wards, operating theaters to service departments. It integrates easily with other hospital systems, including patient administration systems, electronic health records (EHR) and radiology systems.

This platform can help medical staff to:

  • Optimize resources and staff planning across departments
  • Customize functions based on needs of each department or hospital
  • Monitor and modify schedules and patient flow status in real time
  • Visualize logistics on work stations, electronic whiteboards and mobile devices
  • Decrease patient waiting times and appointment durations
  • Facilitate patient-centric communication through online, SMS and automated letters

A Trusted System to Schedule Patient Treatment

Nearly 40% of all hospitals in Denmark use Bookplan as their scheduling system of choice. In fact, it is the most widely used system for scheduling treatment in the Danish health services industry.

We have implemented Bookplan and delivered tangible results to hospitals including: