FAST Digital Telco

In today’s digital-focused world, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are under pressure to provide through multiple-channels a wider range of services faster and more efficiently while continuously improving the customer experience. To achieve this ambition, they need to drastically simplify their operations and be ready to compete with Digital Masters.

In support of Concept to Launch and Order to Cash processes, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are seeking solutions that help them deliver services through multiple-channels such as online, call center, and retail store. The number and complexity of the offering demands a keen focus on the customer experience and tight management of operations costs for design, launch and delivery of the new products and services.

Capgemini provides CSPs an end-to-end global offering to facilitate and accelerate transformation. Organizations enjoy a systematic way to reinvent their business model, simplify operations and provide new services that enable them to address consumer expectations seamlessly across all channels.

FAST Digital Telco

Developed in collaboration with Oracle and other best in class partners, the FAST Digital Telco solution provides a comprehensive suite of end-to-end business support system solutions with multiple deployment options – cloud, hybrid and on-premise. It will enable much faster, joined up managed services including order entry and management, billing and catalogue management. Built on Oracle’s RODOD platform, the solution is enhanced by Capgemini Consulting industry-proven methodology for CSPs seeking to digitize customer experience, simplify and harmonize business processes, and optimize operations.

Solution benefits:

  • Faster time-to-market through integrated end-to-end offer design configuration
  • Superior visibility and customer experience through advanced order management capabilities and integrations
  • Low-cost, agile deployment through ‘as a service’ set up
  • Lower risk of fallouts and reduced operational burden through robust platform approach
  • Innovative customer journeys through Capgemini Consulting business and industry expertise and digital transformation capabilities.

The solution’s strength is not only in the robust platform but also in the pre-built ways of implementation and change management dimensions. Our industry and sector experience is the essential component. Any digital customer experience and simplification program plays to our people and organization strengths. The FAST Digital Telco solution accounts for the leadership capability that is required for your successful transformation.

Track Record and Value Delivery

Capgemini has over thirty years’ experience in working with CSPs. We know how the use of digital technology can help transform the customer experience, operational processes and business models. We understand this because we have been there to contribute to our clients’ successful transformations. Through our industry expertise we have helped clients realize their digital transformation because we focus beyond the implementation of new technologies – beginning with the business transformation in mind.

Some select examples of our Digital Telco champions:

  • For a tier-one European Telco Operator we have reduced time to market to 9 months from 2 years and are delivering an expected 5% decrease in cost to serve
  • For a major Telco Provider, we are supporting the deployment of a full digital brand

FAST Digital Telco can help you if you are struggling to implement a large, properly structured, digital transition program.