Bridge the Physical-Digital Divide with Our IoT Services & Solutions

It is important to look beyond the connected devices and protocols to drive business value from IoT investments. Success of an IoT initiative hinges upon capabilities in data acquisition, integration, analytics, and an in-depth expertise in enterprise business processes.

Our expertise in product engineering, experience in key industries, partnerships with leading IoT platform providers, investments in process and technology assets come together to provide complete IoT solutions.

Our Approach for IoT Solutions:

Our Services for IoT

IoT Advisory
  • Adoption strategy and IOT roadmap
  • Platform assessment
  • Sensor/ Device selection
  • Tech & data architecture roadmap
Product Engineering
  • Device/ Sensor technology
  • Device Connectors – Sensors, SCADA, RFID, BLE
  • Protocol adapters Development
  • Hardware, Software, Platform and Sensor Testing
IoT Platform Deployment & Integration
  • Off-the-shelf industry specific solutions
  • Data Visualization and application development
  • M2M Cloud
  • Enterprise integration (PLM, ERP, Field, CX)
  • Intelligent processes
  • Big data & Cloud integration
IOT Security Services
  • IoT security framework
  • M2M vulnerability testing
  • Ethical Hacking
Product & Service Management 
  • 24 x 7 technical & engineering support
  • OTA upgrades & remote configuration
  • Remote management & diagnostics
  • Asset monitoring management
Analytics & Insights
  • Context-Aware analysis
  • Cognitive analytics
  • Predictive & prognostic analytics

Our Assets for IoT

IHEAL:  Our Predictive analytics based IOT solution that enables remote monitoring and diagnostic for connected products

AUTOPULSE: Prognostic Asset Health Solution based on first principle for accurately determining asset health and RUL ( Remaining Useful Life)

IPS3 (Integrated Product Support & Sustaining Services): Our information consolidation platform for delivering Engineering Analytics and insights from multiple Product related data sources