Fraud Analytics

“Conventional methods of protecting organizations from fraud that rely on heavy manual inspection can no longer keep up with the digital age. A comprehensive transformative line of attack is needed- with a long-term vision, roadmap and multifaceted solutions, involving people, processes and technology.” Philippe Kerael, Insights and Data, Risk, Compliance & Fraud Analytics Head

Capgemini provides a full view on a potential roadmap for building the appropriate analytics capabilities and embedding them into the organization



Significantly reduce tax evasion as well as welfare fraud and error, while reducing the burden on honest citizens and improving productivity. Trouve can deliver these results in record time.

Success Stories

Maharashtra Sales Tax Department Plugs Revenue Leakage, Expands Tax Reporting with Data Warehousing Solution

Tax evaders find various means to avoid paying governments their due—under-reporting incomes or sales, overstating deductions, exemptions, or credits.

Automatic and online: The Belastingdienst’s state of the art solution for social welfare claims

In 2003 the Dutch Government decided to consolidate its social welfare provision by making the Belastingdienst, the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration, a clearing house for social welfare benefits – Toeslagen.

Business intelligence technology helps HMRC increase yield

For the first time HMRC can see all the information they have about a taxpayer at the touch of a button.

Featured Expert

Ron Tolido

Expert in Insights and Data, IT Strategy Transformation, TechnoVision and Applications Innovation

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