The Industry Challenge – keeping operations costs at a bare minimum

Energy and Utility companies are constantly looking for ways to enhance their asset performance and reliability and improve their productivity in order to pass the benefits on to their customers and ensure high satisfaction.

  • How to check assets for their health, reliability and maintenance
  • How to optimally manage labor to minimize costs
  • How to evaluate suppliers and ensure best products are procured.

The priority for such industries is a platform that will provide businesses with key insights on their assets and customers to enable them to make he right decisions at the appropriate time.

Timely decisions leads to enhanced productivity and outcomes

Capgemini’s UtilitySMART solution can help organizations to manage huge networks comprising of expensive and critical assets that need constant maintenance to ensure service levels meet customer expectations.

It provides organizations with a holistic view of their operations, customers, assets, workforce inventory, compliance and suppliers, thus equipping them with the insights needed to make apt business decisions.

Benefits delivered – faster implementation

Our in-depth understanding of customer behavior analysis in a number of sectors, and strong technical and domain expertise, means we can provide many benefits, such as:

  • Enterprise asset and customer visibility
  • Enhanced asset health and reliability
  • Predictable energy usage
  • Reduced customer churn/switching
  • Optimized energy usage
  • Improved workforce effectiveness
  • Improved inventory and supplier management
  • Monitored and measured EHS compliance

Contact our SMART Solutions team at idsmartsolutionssalesteam.in@capgemini.com.


Insights & Data


Capgemini’s UtilitySMART improves operations of assets and networks workforce, inventory, compliance, and suppliers to ensure enterprise asset and customer visibility.