Struggling to move the needle from big data to business value?

Big data is now part of the CXO agenda. Organizations now recognize that they can gain a comprehensive, 360-degree understanding of their business in relation to their customers, products, services, suppliers and employees. But as organizations attempt to harness the full potential of big data, it is imperative that their focus remains on the functional and business aspects. The emphasis should be on identifying high-impact use cases that leverage big data analytics to transform business models, rather than on the underlying big data technology know-how. The challenge is how to move the needle from big data to business value.

Jump start your big data program

Capgemini’s IV3 remedies this gap. Our IV3 platform is a Hadoop-based technology platform with a set of out-of-the-box business value solutions and reusable components, which have been developed for specific use cases across multiple industry domains.

The success of big data implementation requires core competencies across processes, technology, infrastructure, people skills and analytics. Our IV3 big data analytics platform can jumpstart your big data program by abstracting the complexities of technology implementation and creating differentiated business value out of your big data initiative.

We have developed the following IV3 industry-specific solutions:

  • CustomerSMART for Telecoms
  • ALOTx for Logistics
  • TeleWin for Insurance
  • MarketSense for Mining
  • ASAS for Banking.

Each has in-built data integration, administration, analytics, and visualization components and templates.

Delivering business value rapidly

The advanced functionality of the IV3 platform results in more than 50% faster time-to-value, predictable quality, optimized TCO and derisked big data analytics implementation.

We also bring an in-depth understanding of big data across organizations, along with strong technical and domain expertise to offer the following benefits to clients:

  • Out-of-the-box business value solutions: Our IV3 turnkey business value solutions focus on delivering business outcomes based on big data. This means enterprises can  focus on business value creation and business outcomes, while  we handle end-to-end technology and infrastructure needs
  • Rapid value: IV3 enables speedy deployment of big data analytics solutions that allows  business teams to demonstrate quick ROI
  • Scalable architecture: IV3 components leverage the best of open source technologies across batch, real-time, in-memory and analytics components, to establish sound architectural foundations that can scale up to future requirements
  • Lower TCO: IV3 is built on open source technologies and tools. It is also cloud-enabled, which keeps capital and operational expenditures to a minimum. IV3 also avoids vendor lock-in, high capex investments, and frequent upgrades.

Contact our Big Data team to see how we can help maximize your investment in big data initiatives on your insights journey.