Leveraging Customer Value Analytics for insights-driven decision making in Telcos

Deriving Business Insights from the data across telecom customer value chain

Most of the valuable business insights are buried  in the customer data collected from various customer digital touch points. However there are certain inherent challenges to interpret these insights correctly, which play a crucial role in boosting revenue and profitability:

  • Intricacies in applying right analytics to perceive the real value of each customer – by analyzing mountains of data generated through daily subscriber activities like texts, calls, app downloads, live video streaming, multi-screen views and social media interactions
  • Inadequate proactive actions towards poor customer experience owing to call drops/interruption, poor data speeds, high latency in online gaming response times etc.
  • Obstacles in forming right partnerships to monetize real time customer mobility data within the boundaries of privacy laws and regulations

Bringing together Analytics and Technology across the telcom business life cycle

To address these challenges, Telcos today need a one-stop solution that provides a complete view of their customers and their value, which traditional BI initiatives fail to achieve at the level required.

Our value-proposition is based on proven methodology, bringing together domain knowledge, high-end data management platform, advanced analytical tools and technology enablers.

CVA provides a perfect blend of offerings across telecom life cycle – from sales through provisioning and billing:

  • Low cost data management platform using customer data such as location, usage, IoT sensors, call center, retail store interactions and social media
  • Customer 360 view to increase ARPU/AMPU, reaping full benefits from available information like customer demographics and behaviors
  • Next generation churn management and selective network upgrade using advanced analytics for retaining high value customers
  • Video on Demand content recommendation and ad-sales forecast based on cable customer viewership history

Partnering with you to become an Insight-driven and valued organization

Telcos are realizing that, service consumption and behavioral patterns are rapidly changing, eventually posing a need for transformation in BI & analytics space. Capgemini helps you turn data into insights for desired business value through:

  • Sector Focus: providing industry-specific services and guidance to a large number of telecom clients worldwide.
  • Our Business Value NOW! Approach: bringing together our telecom domain expertise and technology to demonstrate value from Day One. We help integrate your business with increased Online Channel Efficiency, reduced Network OPEX/CAPEX, additional Revenue streams, Profitability and Agility
  • We are Practice-proven: So you benefit from our experience and best practices;
  • We apply an Integrated Approach: We are a safe pair of hands to work – from end to end – technology, process and most importantly – people;
  • Our delivery is services-led – not technology: This means for you – accelerated deployment and capability-building

Want to know more?

Serving more than 600 clients worldwide, including fixed, mobile, ISPs, cable, broadcast, publishing, & entertainment organizations, Capgemini delivers tangible business value to clients in the Telecom & Media industries across the world.

Contact our experts to find out how our Business Value Now approach can help you gain competitive advantage through effective customer analytics.