Insights & Data for Telecoms

Enabling a resilient and predictive telco by bringing insights, data, and AI-enabled solutions to the core of the business

Telcos are some of the world’s largest data aggregators, with access to an unprecedented number of data sources and a direct connection to millions of consumers. The question is: What value does it hold?

In order to effectively respond to ever-changing economic conditions and customer needs, telcos must evaluate vast stores of data and derive real-time, actionable insights. In so doing, operators can create a flexible and scalable data-rich foundation capable of harnessing the latest technical innovations and enabling new business models – thus accelerating their market leadership and improving resiliency in a highly disruptive environment.

At the same time, telcos must balance the desire to advance the business transformation agenda with the need to improve operational efficiency and cost reductions. Investing in cutting-edge analytics, machine learning, and AI is part of the equation, as is strategically modernizing telco systems to anticipate and respond to customer needs and preferences as well as landscape disruptions in a time of constant, widespread change.

Building business value through Insights & Data

Capgemini’s Insights & Data Portfolio is a full stack of service offerings that leverages the latest in digital technologies, analytics, and AI to help telcos efficiently modernize legacy systems and unlock the full potential of their data. A collection of modular solutions that address each element of the customer experience, these solutions work in cooperation to compound efficiency gains and enable a faster ROI.

Capgemini works with clients to prepare their networks to effectively process and act on the large amounts of data needed to enable connected devices and accelerate the 5G roadmap. This data-driven connectivity is critical enabler in transforming the customer experience, optimizing business processes and enabling a new wave of products and services.

Capgemini I&D portfolio

COVID-19 recovery, response, and resiliency

COVID-19 has introduced unprecedented disruption and volatility within the telecom industry, accelerating the shift to digital and stretching existing network capabilities. In this so-called “new normal,” telcos provide the essential services that allow people and businesses to continue working and living in a disrupted world.

In this landscape, telcos must determine how to advance their own transformation agenda in order to maintain consistent and reliable connection for all customers, and to enable the services of the future for enterprise clients. In this context, data, analytics, and AI deployed at scale and infused in all business operations, help operators build a highly flexible and responsive environment.

Capgemini’s Resilient Enterprise solutions provide telco operators with the digital skills and capabilities needed to navigate this new reality.

Our Approach

Capgemini’s I&D Portfolio focuses on four key areas for telcos: