Return on Your Investment Within One Year

Capgemini’s APS solutions provide optimal solutions for your planning challenges, by offering real time decision support and automated optimized planning.

  • Value scan: identify areas where better decision making can lead to improved performance
  • Workforce planning and optimization: meet your resourcing challenges, leading to increased operational efficiency, employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction
  • Logistics planning and optimization: take control of your transport fleet and align transport with production and customers across the supply chain
  • Production planning and optimization: address purchasing, allocation and utilization of your production resources

Typically, these APS solutions can be deployed uniquely or in combination to deliver:

  • 10-35% increase in productivity
  • 10-45% increase in utilization of scarce resources
  • 3-11% increase in service delivery
  • 10-35% in cost reductions

Striking the Delicate Balance

On all APS solutions, we adopt our Value-Driven Planning™ approach, which helps you start your transformation where it most matters.

Our experts start by identifying improvement areas, (re-)designing business and planning processes. We then design and implement smart decision support tools in combination with proven techniques for achieving continuous improvement.

A Decade of APS Experience

At Capgemini, we have more than ten years of experience working with APS, and have successfully implemented over 50 projects worldwide.

Our solutions leverage our:

  • Unmatched and vendor-independent depth of technology experience
  • In-depth knowledge of a wide selection of major APS software vendors to deliver solutions that match your needs
  • Global reach, with operations in 36 countries
  • Deep sector knowledge
  • Best-in-class Rightshore®capability for developing and managing activities and solutions
  • Uniquely integrated approach to information strategy based around our Intelligent Enterprise methodology