The challenges are complex and real

GDPR has attracted much attention over the last few months for several reasons, not least because of:

  • Lack of awareness: many companies are simply not aware of the full extent of the potential impact on their business of not being compliant – that this is more than protecting data
  • Data: many enterprises have limited understanding of the personal data held; what they hold, where it is located; what permissions are held, who uses the data and why
  • Security and the privacy by design concept requires new processes, practices and responsibilities
  • Complexity: many companies are unsure of what next steps to take, and whether they have the right change skills and technology solutions

And with a clear deadline when the regulation will become operational, this is not an issue to ignore.

Protect personal data for digital transformation and competitiveness

Capgemini can work with you to help you minimize your risk of non-compliance, but also use this regulation as an opportunity to maximize your customers’ trust and, beyond compliance, create a true competitive advantage. We have the end-to-end consulting, organizational and technical skills, plus the frameworks to help you meet these aims.

Our clear approach to GDPR takes the complexity away and provides a clear roadmap for meeting GDPR requirements:

  1. We start with a GDPR readiness Privacy Impact Assessment: evaluating every current information system containing personal
  2. We then carry out a Data discovery stage: we help find the customer or personal data – both structured and unstructured; not just to meet the immediate GDPR needs, but help you understand the dimensions of your customer interaction and develop a GDPR roadmap
  3. Data and Security remediation services: once there’s a clear understanding of the GDPR data landscape, we can prioritize the specific areas of concern, applying our data and analytics skills. We also assess possible issues around third party data providers and cloud brokering services.
  4. Steady state: once achieved, you are in the best possible position to leverage the enhanced customer relationship.

We can help at every step of the GDPR journey … and beyond

To sustain GDPR compliance for the long term, organizations must look beyond just the legal aspects to embrace the practical implications as well. This demands a global partner who can manage the entire chain of trust from advisory services to solutions implementation. Capgemini is that trusted partner.

  • Capgemini is the only consultancy with end-to-end solution offerings, from assessment to remediation, delivered around the world
  • Capgemini has extensive experience in managing and implementing data governance and MDM outside GDPR. The principles are the same. Clients want surety which Capgemini can provide
  • Capgemini has years of experience in deep organization transformation and the proven methodologies for assessment and change management taking your key stakeholders on the journey
  • We have security professionals with real expertise in data integration, big data, BI and data warehousing, data science, analytics, and visualization
  • Specialist partners with highly relevant tools including IBM, SAS, Usoft, Informatica and Oracle.

Embrace the opportunity offered by GDPR

Contact us to find out more about how Capgemini can help you meet your GDPR requirements, not just by May 2018 but also to help you sustain better data governance and customer relationships over the for the longer term.

Contact: Graham Hunt for more information on our PIA, Data Discovery Assessment and other GDPR services.