Data Discovery & Business Insights

Unlock the Data Potential

Today, more than ever, organizations are sitting on vast volumes of data that hold key insights into their customers, markets, operations and competitors. But unlocking those insights is hard.

Many organizations don’t have the necessary data science capability to find the patterns in this data, and those that do are often too busy to address new data sets and new business challenges. And sometimes it is a temporary need – for instance, to establish the right type of marketing investments to address specific consumer segments.

Make Better Decisions

Our Data Discovery & Business Insights solution helps you to explore newer or untapped sources of data and to enhance or embark on a data driven business decision making journey.

We also help you to explore your data ahead of building an analytics roadmap so that you can make the right decisions.

The service is delivered in a phased manner:

  • Initiation & Business Understanding:
    • Understand business objectives
    • Understand business context of data provided
    • Understand extent of current analysis and discuss possible extensions
  • Data Exploration:
    • Explore data to gather preliminary insights and develop hypothesis
    • Cleanse/enrich data for analytics
    • Prepare analytics data sets
  • Analytics:
    • Exploratory Data Analysis
    • Deriving Trends & Patterns in raw data
    • Perform Crosstabs, Summaries
    • Generate Hypothesis
    • Enumerate potential for future analytics
  • Results Visualization:
    • Visualization of analytical results
    • Allied reports and dashboards
    • Analytics/ decision Storyboard
  • Final Presentation & Delivery:
    • Final presentation of findings
    • Discuss analytics integration with other applications and processes
    • Analytics potential and roadmap
The future potential analytical roadmap then leads to delivering complex analytical models/algorithms/codes for answering predictive analytical business problems.

Get More from Your Data

We bring together functional and industry experience, tools and technologies as well as data science expertise to ensure insights from data are extremely relevant to the business:
  • For a large automobile company, our solution allowed them to understand the data required to further enhance their predictive models
  • For a major hospitality company, we showed them the inherent potential of the social media data to further customize their offers to their segments
  • For a product manufacturer and servicer, the solution helped them explore and tap into additional sources of data to reduce maintenance cycles
Our offer can be the starting point to large enterprises of the future who would like to be at the cutting edge of technology and innovation by harnessing the power of advanced analytics:
  • Make better decisions sooner with greater degree of assurance and certainty
  • Solve day- to-day business issues through custom built algorithms and analytical models
  • Benefit from the competitive advantage of ‘analytics’ that drives optimized solutions across businesses and industry sectors
  • Experiment and constantly innovate on the data

For more information, please contact Mamatha Upadhaya.