A 360° Approach to Mobility Management

From initial service deployment to re-provisioning and decommissioning, Capgemini provides a lifecycle approach to the fast-changing mobility services landscape. We rely on our Application Lifecycle Services to help you manage your entire mobility portfolio. Our approach focuses on application quality and productivity while guarding against potential duplication or gaps.

Working with alliance partners, we offer an end-to-end mobile infrastructure which can be bought on a monthly recurring basis. The Managed Mobility service grows with the mobile ecosystem: harnessing recent phenomena such as the Cloud and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

Managed Mobility Solutions: Comprehensive, Responsive, Flexible

Our Managed Mobility solution is a complete service that enables you to manage your mobility needs simply and effectively. We help you:

  • Understand and better manage your mobile portfolio
  • Limit the cost of deployment by controlling capital expenditure
  • Achieve quicker return-on-investment
  • Benefit from less complexity and less risk
  • Deploy mobile solutions faster