Customer Insights

Understanding what your customer actually cares about and why they care about it is the shortest route to relevance.

In this age of the connected consumer where huge amounts of data are available, brands have a several remarkable opportunities. They can choose to understand the drivers of choice of their best customers, as well as recognize the journey that their customers want to take with them; how they want to experience the brand across touch points and over time.

Techniques such as customer segmentation, customer journey mapping and sentiment analysis, when correctly combined, can provide an extraordinarily powerful way to build and refine your digital experience architecture. Companies that succeed in this space will also have fully married these insights with the enterprise data architecture and the business processes to ensure that the appropriate data flows through the entire customer journey – creating additional value at each step.

This customer-centric focus is about helping companies take an outside-in approach, and truly get ‘under the skin’ of their customers to find out:

  • Who is my customer and what does she/he care about?
  • What tools do my customers require to manage their personalized experience with my brand?
  • How are my customers behaving? How good was our initial hypothesis? This will include looking at their buying patterns, social media trends, etc. in order to refine the experience.
  • Which communities does my customer belong to? Understanding these social interactions can help identify how best to connect with your customer and become relevant within this social context.
  • What influences my customers? Organizations often overlook the fact that in the digital world the customer journey is influenced by much more than just the messaging, promotion and advertising created by brands. Social media conversations are equally important, with customers taking into account and relying on conversations surrounding the brands they are evaluating to help them make their decisions.

Capgemini helps clients make the connections that make a difference:

  • Connections that shift brand preference; how customers think, feel and behave towards the brands, products and services they choose to have a relationship with.
  • Connections that continuously craft a relevant, value-creating and meaningful digital customer experience.
  • Efficiently deliver against your customer promise.

Extraordinary connections deliver extraordinary results

Contact us to better understand and predict your customers’ changing needs and desires and use this intelligence to continuously drive value for your customers and your business at speed.

Customer Insights solutions

  • Qualitative & Quantitative Research: Enabling you to make more informed decisions through a combination of qualitative data and quantitative data.
  • Ethnography: Helping you understand how your consumer habits & behaviours are affecting customer engagement. Involves a comprehensive study of individual subjects within a given audience or culture.
  • Journey Mapping: Highlight opportunities for valued interactions & higher levels of engagement though a visual or graphic interpretation of the overall story your client has with your brands, services, products or employees, over time and across channels.
  • Persona Development: Create reliable and multi-dimensional representations of your key audience segments and indicate why your audience behaves as it does rather than simply describing the behaviour.
  • Social Media & Sentiment Analysis: Particularly useful in adding context to other data points that you may have. Adding richness and nuance to your personas; allowing you to stay alert to changes in the perception of your brand.
  • Segmentation – Personalization: Segmentation & sophisticated personalization strategies allow you to identify segments of visitors with distinct desires, preferences or needs, then create targeted experiences based on the economics of experience.


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