Adaptive Technology

Measuring what matters to your customers and your organization is the shortest route to relevancy and engagement.

This is all about making it happen. It’s about building the connections that make a difference; connecting touch-points with data, with platforms, with processes and organizations. Because extraordinary connections deliver extraordinary results.

Digital transformation brings about ever greater use of smart and adaptive technologies:

  • Smart: customers increasingly want to engage in real time. This requires technology to enable a rapid and personalized response and to equip employees with what they need to provide that response (next best answer, offering, next best product, etc..) based on all available data;
  • Adaptive: the systems deployed to deliver a great digital customer experience will have to be more adaptive than ever in order match changing customer behaviors and take into account the sustained technology evolution underway. Intelligent, adaptive technology might include tools for managing customer interaction in real time, processes, e-commerce and personalized marketing.

Many firms are struggling to keep up with their customers’ in terms of how they adopt and use technology. Keeping pace requires both a disciplined and an adaptive approach.

Capgemini helps clients make the connections that make a difference:

  • Connections that disrupt industries and set new standards
  • Connections that accelerate change
  • Connections that enhance your ability to innovate with new products, services and business models at speed to keep your business relevant and fresh to your customers

Extraordinary connections deliver extraordinary results on both sides of the Customer/Brand equation

Contact us for a combination of domain expertise, consulting skills, sector experience and knowledge of the digital IT platforms to help clients build meaningful and sustainable experiences.

Experience engine solutions

  • Customer Interactions Management: Serving interactions across phygital, remote or self-service channels; ensuring connections across all touch points, connected devices, employees’ workplaces & robotic virtual assistance.
  • Content & Knowledge Management: Authoring and publishing digital content to drive improved user experience across all your channels. Content is personalized to the customer and adapted to the diversity of touch points and gestures.
  • Customer Management: Digital Platform integrates solutions and aggregates data to serve your customers interactions across channels in a seamless and trusted way.
  • Customer Process Management: Powered with analytics and cognitive technologies, business processes orchestrate customer/devices interactions with employees, robots and systems.
  • Digital Commerce: Solutions that orchestrate purchasing/ordering experience with back-end order management and fulfilment processes, within multiple commerce ecosystems flavors such as B2C, B2B or B2B2C and marketplaces.
  • IT Digital Platform: Digital Platform integrates solutions and aggregates data to serve your customers interactions across channels in a seamless and trusted way.


digital customer experience

The Disconnected Customer: What digital customer experience leaders teach us about reconnecting with customers

Few companies are actually succeeding in delivering great digital customer experiences ­– and reaping the huge potential rewards.

Digital Customer Experience at Capgemini: We make the connections that make a difference.

Customer Experience is a combination of the perceptions, emotions, reactions that a customer has while employing different channels to interact with a company’s environment, products or employees.

digital customer experience

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