Consumer Products & Retail Alliance Partners

We partner with leading innovators to ensure you get the best possible solutions to thrive in the challenging consumer products and retail industry.

The Power of Partnership

Consumer products companies and retailers need faster, more tailored solutions to achieve the results they need to stay ahead in a constantly changing industry. We work alongside SAP, JDA, Oracle and RedPrairie to make this happen. Together with our partners, we can help you:

  • Integrate core processes
  • Optimize operations and improve profitability
  • Get the volume mix right
  • Enhance collaboration among trading partners

Targeting Growth through Strong Alliances

We work with leading technology experts to provide you with cutting-edge solutions that keep your company ahead of the competition. Each partnership is specially designed to target a specific consumer products and retail challenge:

  • SAP: better manage massive amounts of data and integrate core business processes across multiple channels
  • JDA: gain critical visibility of short- and long-term demand to optimize order fulfillment in local markets
  • Oracle: meet demand by tracking point-of-sale and promotion-related sales and integrating demand forecasts
  • engage customers across clicks and bricks to improve sales and loyalty with our ClientAssist retail clienteling solution

Meeting Your Needs with Superior Solutions

We have the knowledge and experience of the consumer products and retail industry. Our leading technology partners have the cutting-edge technology solutions. Together, we deliver powerful results:

  • By combining SAP’s process strength and our expertise in change management, implementation and system integration, we better position our clients to achieve “One Version of the Truth.”
  • With JDA, we have helped our mutual clients implement growth strategies, use technology, manage change within their organizations, and achieve tangible, sustainable value through joint solutions.
  • Our longstanding partnership in the consumer products and retail industry with Oracle has helped countless companies foster innovation, differentiation and growth. Learn about our OCommerce solution.
  • With we help retailers become competitive customer-oriented companies with redefined customer experiences, operational processes and business models. Learn about our ClientAssist solution.

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