In this episode, Bluestock wanted to expand on all the positive transformation it was doing for customers by creating a user-centric digital workplace for its staff.

They wanted staff to bring their own devices and use their preferred apps – and move them from clunky, time-consuming legacy systems on to Amazon-style user-centric services, accessible from anywhere.

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There had been many complaints from staff in relation to HR and the slow processing of holiday requests. The system was outdated, unresponsive and having a negative effect on morale. This was just one example of growing staff discontent.

The benefits of transformation were clear: by giving staff access to IT services they were familiar and comfortable with, they would be more productive, resolve problems faster, adopt more effective ways of working and, overall, be happier in their roles.

The challenge for Bluestock’s CIO was how to do all of this, while minimizing risk and disruption to the business — and ensuring that IT retained control and compliance.


The CIO knew that serious front-end innovation would be required but also deep integration with Bluestock’s established processes. So she called up Capgemini, and they offered advice on the best-fit solutions from all perspectives: the user, the IT and the business.

The first step was to move Bluestock’s HR services to our next-generation digital employee helpdesk. This uses virtual agents, chatbots and concierge services to give employees an Amazon-style experience for everyday HR tasks. Managers also get greater control over HR processes, to help them improve overall business performance.


Capgemini also implemented their centralized and flexible digital workplace solution, My Experience. This gives staff a single portal to access what they need, including a choice of support levels over various channels like voice, email, chat, text, instant message and virtual agents. It also provides a foundation for leveraging future AI and automation innovations, so employees can create value in new ways.

In addition to delivering these consumer-grade user experiences, Capgemini helped integrate the new systems within Bluestock’s wider business operations. As these have become more embedded, Bluestock is seeing growing staff satisfaction ― to go alongside its growing reputation for customer service.

Even if you are heavily rooted in legacy systems (like our fictional global business Bluestock), Capgemini can help optimize your business and IT to address the rising digital expectations of both staff and customers.