Build, Release, Run, Repeat

What is it?

  • DevOps is a portmanteau of “Development” and “Operations.” It’s a concept that connects these two traditional IT silos throughout the development lifecycle, operating as a continuously delivering factory, able to release new application versions many times a day.
  • On the one hand, it depends on a highly industrialized toolchain, automating as much as possible the activities of the entire software solutions lifecycle: a platform challenge for all involved.
  • But above all, DevOps is a seamless team effort that brings together all needed IT disciplines in a high-productivity, multi-disciplinary team.

How do we use it?

  • A European bank transformed its IT department into dozens of autonomous DevOps teams, aiming to improve both business agility and to significantly decrease production errors in its digital applications.
  • Netflix sets a shining example when it comes to next-generation solutions development. Their approach to DevOps leans on well-architected, platform-based tooling, but also on rigorous testing of their backend services, notably the database systems.
  • Digital leaders such as Spotify and Etsy rely on a top-down, business-driven vision on DevOps, making sure the company fully embraces this new culture.

Potential Impact

  • Increased speed to market, enabling the quick, initial release of high-quality Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), the ability to continually improve and expand it
  • Higher productivity and fewer errors and unexpected bottlenecks due to a high degree of automation and an integrated, multi-disciplinary team
  • Perfect approach to explore the new, digital world of cloud, mobile, and IoT solutions
  • Helps the enterprise towards agile value delivery


Featured Expert

Gunnar Menzel

As Chief Architect Officer for Capgemini’s Cloud Infrastructure Services division, I am...


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