Be Challenged

A data-driven approach to improve Diversity & Inclusion in your organization

Our “Be Challenged” approach offers a comprehensive strategy that unites all Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) initiatives under one umbrella. What sets our approach apart from other D&I approaches is that our D&I experts use data-driven insights as a starting point to drive change.

Be Challenged brochure

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) has received a lot more attention within organizations in recent years due to the positive effects that D&I can have on both the employee experience and the performance of the organization. We know from experience that organizations go further than just meeting diversity quotas and that they are increasingly focusing on inclusion. Despite the right intentions, many D&I initiatives and programs are not yet successful.


Be Challenged in 5 steps

Capgemini Invent offers a comprehensive strategy that unites all D&I initiatives under one umbrella and we do this in 5 steps:


‘Be Challenged’ with us will bring you:

  • A strategic approach that acts as an umbrella for all kinds of existing D&I initiatives within your organization;
  • Data-driven insights to make fact-based decisions;
  • A tailor-made approach that develops solutions directly addressing the specific needs and requirements of your organization;
  • A bottom-up approach in which your employees lead the change and in which inclusion is a value that is embedded in your organization

Featured Experts

Nikki van Aart Gita Vischer Valerie Verharen Sander Wijdeven Marjolein Wenderich
Nikki van Aart

Consultant People & Organization – Expert D&I

Gita Vischer

Senior Consultant People & Organization – Expert D&I

Valerie Verharen

Consultant People & Organization – Expert D&I

Sander Wijdeven

Senior Manager Insights Driven Enterprise – Expert Data Analysis

Marjolein Wenderich

Head of People & Organization – Expert HR Transformations

Be Challenged brochure

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