At Your Service

A growing lack of specialized resources, and the need for insights as close as possible to the business, are the fuel to the self-service data revolution

“Can I help you?” Every businessperson nowadays should be a bit of a data expert, perhaps even a “citizen” data scientist. The best insights are created in close proximity to the business and to do that that, data must be discovered, prepared, analyzed, and visualized by business people themselves. It requires a highly automated data pipeline that gives agile access to the right data, while ensuring security, privacy, and quality. It also requires easy-to-use, self-service tools that power a business to take data matters into its own hands. Introducing the Data Concierge: an intelligent, one-stop shop for data. You’re welcome!


  • The days of a six-month turnaround for a new data warehouse requirement are gone. Today’s insights need to adapt to the latest challenges and information, and this means achieving “DatOps” delivery, which allows updates and new insights to be delivered quickly and continuously.
  • This is driven by an automated, increasingly AI-assisted factory-style process to ingest, select, transform, and prepare data – making the right data available as easy as asking a concierge.
  • As Excel remains the preferred business data tool, its quality of individual insight at speed needs to be trumped by next generation “Do It Yourself” BI, analytics – and even AI – tools that identify and effortlessly connect to the data pipeline.
  • AI-driven support – both in understanding data and using natural language to express needs – makes self-service tools increasingly powerful and easy to use.


  • A consumer products company created “data science on demand” that enables the business to work with data experts on specific challenges and rapidly have the first proof of solutions – then production versions – to reap early business benefits.
  • A financial institution turned its data ingestion into a highly industrialized, automated, managed service where new data and insights are made available from months down to just days.
  • A US airline supplied business users with intuitive self-service data tools, creating much more data exploration, innovation, and a true “self-service movement.”


  • Cost effective production of BI and analytics results, reducing manual effort and increasing quality
  • Speedier availability of new insights for the business
  • Better access from the business to more relevant data from various internal and external sources
  • Increasing cultural and practical awareness on the business side of the potential for turning data into insights, algorithms and AI
  • A true fusion of the business and IT sides – crucial for digital change – with the automated data platform and the data concierge concept pivotal to the success.


  • Continuous, agile delivery

Jenkins, Bamboo, Git, Subversion, Puppet

  • Data pipeline technologies

– Alteryx data science and analytics platform, Informatica Intelligent Big Data, Talend, AWS Data Pipe Line, Microsoft Data Factory, Hortonworks Hybrid Data Platforms, Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub, Trifacta Data Wrangling, Talend Data Prep

  • Self service BI, analytics and AI tools

Tableau, IBM Watson Analytics, Microsoft Power BI, QlikView, SAS Visual Analytics, Dataiku Collaborative Data Science platform, H2O automated machine learning platform, DataRobot automated machine learning, Google Cloud AutoML, BigML