Applied Innovation Roadmap

“Today I saw a whole new side of Capgemini that I’m really excited about. I think that far too often, we focus on the present or near-future but we don’t look out far enough… a great opportunity today.” - Capgemini AIE client

“The information density in these two days has been great.  Every hour was packed with ‘aha’ moments - even after having been in the business for a long time.” - Client Executive, Debriefing after an AIE engagement

“What I really loved about this place is that it’s not just a one-way conversation, it’s actually an exchange of ideas.”  - Client Business Executive, Debriefing after an AIE engagement

Incremental innovation can better business performance, but rarely changes the game. To go beyond the ordinary, enterprises must balance their lower-risk innovation activities with visionary innovation projects that offer the potential to not only change the game but disrupt it for good.

Expanding your horizons

The Applied Innovation Roadmap delivers a roadmap for guide strategic innovation portfolio management. A 4-week engagement harnesses our proprietary framework to map and ideate a balanced innovation portfolio in the context of potential innovation horizons for your organization.

Our Applied Innovation Exchange experts help enterprises uncover a breadth of innovation opportunities, from the incremental to the radical. Together with our clients, we interrogate these in the context of critical business factors so that opportunities can be prioritized, and investment and resources realistically allocated. The result is a risk-mitigated vision for a balanced innovation portfolio that equips organizations to operate effectively today while proactively planning for tomorrow.

“Most businesses innovate incrementally. But the challenge now is to disrupt themselves before someone else does. You can’t do that without vision.”
Steve Obana, Vice President, Capgemini

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