Program Assurance Review

We can help ensure the success of your enterprise platform programme by providing expert, independent advice on whatever issues are keeping you awake at night.

Delivery challenges you may be facing

Do you need expert help with delivery challenges on a large complex program, such as business transformation enabled by implementation of a new enterprise platform? For example:

  • You’ve reached a critical point on the program and need independent help in assessing your strategic options.
  • Your program team seems to have run out of steam and staff are demotivated.
  • The business seems unprepared for the changes it needs to make to benefit from the program.
  • There have been so many changes to the organization and/or program that you’re not sure if the original business case is still valid.
  • Your program sponsors require independent assurance services – this could happen whether your program is internally resourced or is being run with external partners.

Benefits of working with Capgemini

Whatever your challenges, Capgemini is the advisor you need. Using our program assurance framework and drawing on our experience as a leader in the SAP area, we’ll quickly make sure your program is set up for success.

Depending on your challenges, we’ll help you ask and answer the right questions about your program, including:

  • Preparation and design: check if the design matches the business case, if governance is adequate, and if the business is equipped to get value from the deliverables.
  • Build and test: see how you’re really doing against the plan, whether the quality of the program (or a particular element) is sufficient, and whether your team needs re-energizing.
  • Go-live: find out if your solution, business, and post-go-live support are ready.
  • Roll-out: assess governance and industrialization models and check the business case is still valid.


Our program assurance framework

The framework addresses every aspect of the program, such as:

  • Senior stakeholder engagement: de-risking the program, decision support, early warning system, participation in program steering committee.
  • Business change: business readiness and risk checks, change strategy development, impact and planning assessment.
  • Business case tracking: support for creation and use of the business case, and confirmation of its validity up to and beyond implementation.
  • Program management and governance: making sure these are appropriate, and work across teams and locations.
  • Solution design completeness and simplicity review: checks that design caters to all relevant business areas and is extendable.
  • Tools, methods, and accelerators: to improve specific work streams (e.g. testing).
  • Vendor management and resourcing: independent reviews of resources and capabilities against requirements.


Why Capgemini?

We’re exceptionally well equipped to advise on delivery challenges because we ourselves have deep global experience in delivering complex enterprise platform engagements. The awards our delivery programs have won confirm our position as a leader in the enterprise platform space.

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