AI for Public Sector

Activate data for citizen-centered public services

Toward an augmented citizen experience

At the crossroads between citizenship, political action, and common values, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is hiding great treasures for the Public Sector enhancing the full potential of data & AI for citizen services.

Mastering data will be essential to fulfil the full potential of augmented government, intelligently automating administrative processes, and gaining insights enabling better overview and decisions with a positive impact on the citizen.

We see 4 main fields of the Public Sector that AI will deeply impact

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Toward a digital social contract

In this move to progress, public institutions and governments will be at the frontline of this technological journey while being guardian of its ethical and lawful use.

The following aspects of the journey toward AI will need to be considered by the organizations of the public sector:

  • Working on sustainable data governance, bringing an enabled data pool to life
  • Relying on partners where it makes sense, be it, software partners, startups or universities and research institutions
  • Pursuing the trust race besides the technological one, nurturing the change management within organizations, fostering digital inclusion and citizen engagement

A specific value proposition for public sector, embedding our entire AI portfolio capabilities

Our AI in Public Sector proposition is part of the suite of Capgemini services – Perform AI – and is a catalyst for the AI-infused transformation of public services. Our specific Public Sector roadmap follows a data-driven approach to progressively increase the value, transformation and even disruption to the organization.

The AI journey our public sector clients take can rely on the following capabilities:

  • AI Activate: Defining the transformation roadmap, program strategy and governance, and people transformation strategy for successful business outcomes with Data & AI
  • AI & Data Engineering: Consolidating Public Sector agencies’ data foundations by modernizing its current data estate and by enabling strong and agile data governance
  • AI in Customer Experience: Transforming the citizen experience into a humanized engagement with government agencies
  • Intelligent Process Automation: Enrich administration processes with the innovative balance between automation, intelligence, and analytics
  • AI Analytics and Data Science: Empowering organizations to deliver intelligent and personalized citizen engagement, optimize cost to serve, and deliver operational efficiencies in all government services

Public Goes AI – Point of View

Discover all about how Capgemini envisions AI’s potential for the Public Sector.

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