Next Generation Digital Commerce – with SAP hybris

Digital Commerce is about choosing the right technology for your organization and needs as the platform for future digital transformation across the business.

Meeting the Expectations of Ever-Demanding Customers

Whether they serve consumers or other businesses, all organizations now recognize that they need to provide a seamless all-channel commerce experience. They must ensure every transaction or communication touch point adds value and is relevant. But achieving this isn’t easy.

Many B2B companies are behind the curve in embracing digital commerce

Traditional non-digital ways of working in B2B sales, customer service and fulfillment are no longer sufficient as they lead to:
  • Sales force inefficiency and a focus on transaction rather than consultancy
  • Inadequate levels of customer service and fulfillment
  • Low take-up of new products in the overall sales portfolio
Technology issues are also an impediment to fluid transactions with:
  • Legacy SAP and CRM systems
  • Sporadic year-on-year additions of ad hoc software
  • Inadequate integration of commerce engines into the end-to-end process

Business-to-consumer companies also face challenges

Despite having adopted e-commerce systems many years ago, B2C organizations also need to keep ahead to:
  • Improve website functionality and scalability, and reduce the time to market for new products
  • Modify the experience to meet customers’ evolving buying preferences
  • Integrate multiple channels, including social media
  • Implement smoother end-to-end operations, with real-time information and streamlined order fulfillment

A Powerful Combination of Services

Under one roof, Capgemini offers the business transformation, consulting, technology, integration, project management, sector and implementation skills required to achieve the migration or integration of a digital  commerce platform that’s tailored to your needs – and we bring all this together with SAP Hybris’ advanced commerce solution.
Our digital commerce end-to-end services include:
  • Digital commerce strategy, implementation and integration
  • User Experience/UI & Design
  • Marketing strategy
  • Content & Campaign Management
  • Customer and social media analytics
  • Order-to-deliver processes and seamless out/in-store experience

The Results

Our comprehensive approach helps B2B and B2C organizations in every sector to use digital commerce intelligently and effectively to:
  • Drive business growth with new commercial and revenue models, improved online stickiness and conversion rates, and increased competitive differentiation
  • Bring clients closer to their end-users via a seamless and positive multi-channel experience that enhances brand loyalty
  • Improve end-customer context and business performance through the intelligent use of real-time digital decision-making
  • Leverage innovation through our digital partner ecosystem – including our relationships with hybris and SAP – as well as through our own IP assets
  • Scale up online presence quickly – by product, sector, geography or all three
  • Reduce internal costs of direct selling by 10-30% and improve operational efficiency
  • Improve product margins through lower customer acquisition costs and increased revenue
  • Deliver a better customer experience and therefore stand out from the competition.

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