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Our Offerings

Our Digital Engineering & Asset Management capability helps our clients in six ways:

1. PLM Strategy & Transformation

We have a proven capability to help clients transform their PLM process and systems across the full lifecycle (ideation, design, development and management) to make them digital and more efficient.

2. Agile Product Development

We help clients to leverage agile development methodologies to improve efficiency, effectiveness and the speed of their product development, particularly in relation to embedded and mechatronics systems.

3. Engineering & Manufacturing Integration

We align the products engineering and manufacturing functions so that manufacturing process requirements are considered as we design the product, enabling fast ramp-up of production.

4. Visualization as a Service

We help clients to leverage integrated, scalable AR- & VR- solutions across the product lifecycle, where use cases include visualizing design, enabling training, simulating the manufacturing and supporting product sales and service.

5. Digital Twin Development

We support clients in creating smart digital twins for their processes and products by establishing digital data continuity from engineering to service and IoT, so that they can better understand usage and performance.

6. Connected Products & Asset Management

We use our expertise to help clients solve their toughest connectivity challenges; determining their needs while developing and launching ideas in the market; in a scalable, repeatable, and maintainable manner to enable new digital service models.

Success story

POC on integrated manufacturing change management, Automotive industry

The client’s processes, organization and systems didn’t support the business needs in production preparation and handling of manufacturing changes. Production critical data was managed in silos with several manual data transformations in disconnected legacy systems. While all parts of the organization have different processes to initiate changes with no visibility between or within organizations.

In order to support increasing product complexity and multiple production sites, we advised the client on a new concept to manage their information flows and thus enabling more efficient concurrent ways of working in engineering/manufacturing integration both internally and with external line builders/suppliers. The concept established, integrates management of all manufacturing items across the lifecycle in a Manufacturing Lifecycle Management solution with end-to-end configuration, release and change management from PLM to ERP/MES.

The project outcomes included:

  • Minimized production disturbances
  • Improved way-of-working with industrialization
  • Increased plant visibility

Our Expert

Benny Karlsson

Business model incl. strategic operating model Organisational excellence Organisation

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