Capgemini’s Automation Drive brings a unified, open and dynamic suite of Intelligent Automation tools, services and expertise that can serve your business as a continuously evolving source of innovation and value.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a generic purpose automation technology that imitates, or emulates, humans in their work. RPA robots use rule-based routines and processes that have structured inputs, and can operate 24/7, at high speeds on several different activities in a series.

Intelligent Automation refers to an approach that enhances pure RPA. It enables the complete, end-to-end transformation and automation of business processes. Solutions such as chatbots or natural language processing come into use. Machine or human intelligence complete the solution only when complex decisions or exception handling are needed.

Wider benefits are gained by combining multiple automation technologies and extensive consulting expertise. Thus, in addition to traditional efficiency and quality metrics, intelligent automation and process re-engineering boost business metrics and user experience.

Why Our Customers Are Automating?

Why Automate?

When planned correctly, an intelligent automation journey optimizes the usage of resources. Companies with different maturity levels on process automation require different approaches. Capgemini has a proven methodology to take you on the next level, and even jump over some steps. This saves time and money by avoiding unneeded intermediate work and implementations.

Process Automation Maturity Levels

Where are you on your journey?

Intelligent Automation as a Service (aaS)

Capgemini’s fully managed service for Intelligent Automation releases the customers from the burden of selecting and mastering various intelligent automation technologies. In aaS deployments, customers have a key role in defining business expectations and requirements, while Capgemini’s expert teams are responsible for automation implementation, documentation, testing with the customer, deployment, monitoring, change management and run services under an agreed SLA.

Thanks to Capgemini’s managed service for intelligent automation, you will get a head start in your automation journey, with technical capabilities spanning from infra, licenses, and technical competences in place from day one. There are no investments required, as the pricing model relies primarily on implementation projects and monthly capacity-based and SLA-based run fees. Allocated capacity can be scaled up or down smoothly, depending on need.

Fastest Time to Benefit

The Automation Drive suite

Automation Drive brings a unified, open and dynamic suite of intelligent automation tools, services, and expertise that can serve your business as a continuously evolving source of innovation and value. The suite consists of a framework, tools and IP, and services.

Automation Drive framework

This provides insights and guidance into your Intelligent Automation strategy – with drivers that deliver productivity improvements, increased quality, improved agility, and faster time to market – all linked to our full range of automation technology.

Automation Drive tools and IP

We combine Capgemini Intelligent Automation tools with partner technologies and monitor trends in intelligent automation technologies to assess and apply the right tools.

Automation Drive services

We can help you to continuously improve your business with new, innovative services. We can bring speed and scalability to your value chain with analysis and strategies that are designed to apply the right intelligent automation to your business and IT processes.

Automation Consulting and Training

Capgemini employs many of the RPA and IA pioneers in the Nordics. We leverage the experience and knowledge of our senior experts when planning your automation journey. Our standardized and industrialized approach for intelligent automation roadmapping can be utilized no matter whether the scope is a specific team or unit, or a complete international organization.

Some of our experts are recognized speakers and trainers within the field, and our trainings span from business-oriented automation analyst trainings to hands-on trainings on technologies. However, with the aaS model, customers do not need to have hands-on technical skills for automation deployment. Our managed service approach fulfils the promise of automation deployment not as an IT project, but as a business development journey.

Customer-Managed Intelligent Automation Solutions

In some industries, traditional customer-managed intelligent automation deployments are still considered as the preferred delivery model. In customer-specific automation projects, our long experience with knowledge work automation ensures that we can flexibly support our customers depending on the need, throughout the journey.

In a typical deployment project for a customer-managed intelligent automation solution, Capgemini might have the responsibility for the following:

  • Automation planning
  • Architecture design
  • Automation implementations
  • Technical project management
  • Business, developer and maintenance trainings
  • Development and maintenance support
  • Technology provider management
  • License reselling

If at any point you discover that daily maintenance, monitoring and change management of your intelligent automation solution is not part of your core business, we are happy to help you fire your robots, and plan the transfer to Capgemini’s Intelligent Automation-as-a-Service environment.

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