Protect personal data for digital transformation and competitiveness

The digital enterprise faces five key GDPR challenges:

  • Data protection ownership and accountability demand deep organization transformation
  • “Security and Privacy by design” concept requires new methodologies, skills, and practices
  • Technology and solutions implementation needs real data management and data security expertise
  • Breach notification to data subjects and Data Privacy Authorities demands monitoring and incident management capabilities
  • Non-compliance fines could be up to 4% of annual turnover or €20 million, whichever is higher.

Roadmap and consistent processes to meet GDPR requirements

Capgemini puts in place the organizational and technical measures needed to minimize your risk of data breaches and non compliance. These form part of a broad Data Protection program based on GDPR articles.

To sustain GDPR compliance for the long term, organizations must look beyond just the legal aspects to embrace the practical implications as well. This demands a global partner who can manage the entire chain of trust from advisory services to solutions implementation. Capgemini is that partner. We deliver consulting, data governance, protection and monitoring services addressing the key GDPR challenges.

Making data protection everyone’s responsibility

We help to protect your customer data and your other data assets, involving all stakeholders in the conversation. Our global end-to-end portfolio is built on 12 services. Each of them is supported by proven tools and methodologies and provides operational outcomes (automation, consolidation). We leverage strategic partners and alliances and enable our clients to embed consistent protection across the data lifecycle, while facilitating GDPR compliance.

A day in the life of a CISO: three points of view on the journey to GDPR compliance

In the run-up to GDPR compliance, Jane, our CISO blogger, interviews three experts to find answers to the key questions. Three different points of view to cover all bases on GDPR challenges.

Bojana Bellamy, President, Centre for Information Policy Leadership

Jane meets Bojana to discuss the critical role CISOs will play in making their organizations GDPR compliant.

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Sarah Taïeb, Data Protection Officer at Ipsen group

Jane meets Sarah to discuss why the collaboration between the CISO and the Data Protection Officer is essential to any GDPR program.

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Enza Iannopollo, Business Analyst at Forrester Research

Jane meets Enza to discuss why data discovery and data classification are the starting point, not just for GDPR compliance, but for any data privacy or security program.

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