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Partners in Innovation

Stockholm is home to a thriving ecosystem of startup companies, churning out new and exciting ideas and innovations every day. We tap into their creative energy by forming partnerships, and in turn support new businesses with initiatives like our mentorship program, Coach Your Business with Telia.

Below is a showcase of initiatives and startups that we collaborate with closely.


Hippogriff AB is a Swedish innovation company providing life-saving digital health solutions based on Artificial Intelligence. Hippogriff is behind “Heartstrings”, an AI-based decision support tool for early diagnosis of heart diseases by using standard medical data, including ECG and demographic data. The technology has been successfully validated in clinical trials with more than 700 patients, leading to several national and international recognitions including the European Change Award, Alfred Nobel diploma, and winning the 1st place in Capgemini’s InnovatorsRace 50.


Information Experience

Information Experience AB’s augmented reality applications bring the digital dimension all the way to the building site. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and insight within engineering and construction, we can offer our customers safer building sites, better building quality, smarter checklists ,and accurate building documentation.




2021.AI is a fast-growing company in Copenhagen, delivering AI-as-a-Service with their APEX-platform offering readymade components for instant Machine Learning results. We provide real samples of demystifying applied AI, what to beware about, and how to prepare for the future to be successful with AI and Machine Learning.



Nodified is an early-stage startup, that enables communication without requiring cellphone reception or the use of WiFi, offering a seamless solution to large organizations suffering from congested cellular networks or deficient telecom infrastructure.



Vyer develops software for Building Information Modeling (BIM) specifically adapted for modern facility management. The Vyer platform helps generate and manage digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of real estate.



wiFido® is a consumer-oriented concept aiming to create usability of upcoming connected devices and create security for users being away from home. A multilingual IoT gateway combined with a competent surveillance camera, it comes with an easy-to-use app with a focus on design, user friendliness, and integrity.  It has been developed for a broad audience with a scope to scale. wiFido® has an ambition for strong leverage and scalable to new, international markets.


Coach Your Business (CYB) Mentoring Program

Telia and Capgemini partnered up to create the Coach Your Business program, a mentoring program for startups. The program is tailored to each company’s needs and stretches over 6-12 months. It covers different sessions with different experts and executives from Telia Company and Capgemini, and includes potential involvement in ongoing projects with unique access to market and cross-collaboration opportunities.

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