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Applied Innovation Exchange Tech Safari for Logistics’ client

A public services logistics major from France visited Stockholm in October 2018 to explore business innovations, particularly in Stockholm, where unicorn tech companies are originating and thriving.

To address the client’s opportunities and challenges in a rapidly developing digital world, Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) Stockholm selectively scouted within the local startup ecosystem to discover potential co-innovation solutions in line with the client’s priorities.

A 3-day workshop was coordinated aligned with the ‘Discover’ phase of our AIE methodology towards applied innovation to explore the future of city living and urban logistics. The focus areas were:

  • What will logistics look like in future cities?
  • How will the consumer market change, and thus the logistics to supply goods?
  • How will logistic providers need to adapt to these changes?
  • How will services affect future citizens?

The selected start-ups included:

Believes that when transportation is fully optimized everything, and everyone will be able to move freely, quickly and conveniently at a low cost to both the individual and the society.

Founded in Stockholm in 2016, with the goal of making the electronics industry more sustainable.

A Swedish self-driving transportation startup, partnering with Lidl to reduce emissions by 100 percent.

The largest and most experienced public transport operator in the Nordic countries.

A global leader in communications services, comprising the communications agency Prime and the business intelligence company United Minds.

Sweden Foodtech
An ecosystem for the next generation food system, based on tech, data, sustainability, and health.

GROW / Digitalist Group
Helping businesses embrace change and shape tomorrow though Future Proof Brands.

SSE Business Lab
Runs venture incubation for Stockholm School of Economics.

La French Tech
A global movement celebrating French innovation, entrepreneur­ship and startups.

Business France
A French Government agency created on January 1, 2015 through a merger between UBIFRANCE and the French Agency for International Investment.

Social Robotics

A Stockholm based startup is in the process of building the worlds most advanced social robotics platform.

Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) Sweden and Idean collaborated with the client to develop the technology further as well as to leverage it for client projects, through workshops, proof of concepts internal and external education purposes.

“EXPLORE” – The City Store

 The key premise of the Explore project was the creation of a multi-sensory phygital environment that allows for a true-to-life exploration of the products, enabling a delightful and smooth shopping experience.

Explore invites customers to an inspirational exploration of the entire product range of a client and a smooth shopping experience.

The concept of “Explore” is inspired by hands-on museum experiences and is completely modular, which means it can be applied to any living area. From bedroom to kitchen, from home office to outdoor collections, any room can be created using Explore.

The big advantage is that new products and series can be deployed instantaneously.

Inspiring Digital Showrooms

 Explore enables displays of furniture in inspiring ways within limited display space without impacting the effect or grandeur of the pieces themselves.

The digital showroom comes alive with life-size projections of furniture and decorations. The customer can choose different rooms and styles and immerse themselves in personally curated immersive experiences.

The room can be instantly adapted at the touch of a screen so the customers can see it in scenarios most relevant to them, including day or night, snow or sun, and city or countryside.

Explore also curates multisensory experiences. For example, when customers select “Christmas Living Room,” the lights become cozier and the aroma of gingerbread drifts in.

Inspiring Transitions

 Explore allows for creation of transitions, wherein when moving between rooms, a story unfolds in the hallways. The transits trigger a desire to explore the store further due to the alluring elements of surprise and storytelling between the rooms. These interesting experiences can be updated regularly to make the store more fun and creative.

Transits can take myriad forms – seasonal themes like “Christmas Overload”, category base or linked to the ambience of the room, such as “Kitchen Chaos” or “What’s for Dinner.

Phygital Exploration Hubs

 These Hubs combine the physical and online experiences enabling a display of the physical items for customers to touch and feel alongside the complete digital showcase of the full range of products.

Several examples of phygital exploration hubs were developed and tested during the project including the Dining Table, the Design Wall and the Living Book.

Dining Table

The Dining Table Phygital Hub combines a physical table with real items and digital products in order to visualize the entire range of tableware in an inspiring way. The customer can interact with the table to view a digital product range of dinnerware, cutlery and glasses. The items can be combined in various ways to provide inspiration and information about the products.

When satisfied with a combination of their choice, customers can easily add the desired products to their digital shopping cart.

Design Wall

 The Design Wall Phygital Hub provides fabrics and surfaces for customers to touch and feel without actually requiring to display the products in the store

The actual construction materials of tables, bookshelves, sofas and other items are presented for customers to feel. By touching a specific fabric on the Design Wall, items using that fabric are displayed on a screen. The reverse is also possible, i.e., by choosing a specific product on the touch screen, the various fabrics and surfaces in which the product can be made available are highlighted on the wall.

 Living Book

The Phygital Hub ‘Living Book” makes the store catalogue comes to life and creates a feeling of familiarity with a digital touch.

As a combination of a physical book and a digital experience, the Living Book can present current designer collections, events and promotions in combination with traditional catalogue content in an extremely delightful manner.

Seamless Shopping

Explore enables customers to begin shopping in the comfort of their homes on the online store and continue in the physical store. They can save items from their in-store browsing and bring this list of products from home via a

digital shopping list. Products can be added during the journey through the store, picked up on site, shipped home or saved for later in their digital shopping list.

This gives customers a better overview of which products they want to buy, which ones they want to add on as complementary products, which ones they would like to carry home themselves from the store and which ones they want delivered.


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