Webinar – Next generation analytics – “How to get more bang for the buck of your analytics investment”

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Modern market leading analytics tools offer excellent scope for following up a business, see trends in key performance indicators and follow up business strategies and business models.

Next generation analytics is about increasing the value of the investment done in these platforms and tools by teaching users how to understand and work with the analysis brought forward. You need to get Analytics thinking into operations. We can buy software we like but if the business doesn’t change how they think – nothing will happen. It’s just more cost for better stuff but you work in the same manner as before.

In this webinar we will introduce several different tools and prerequisites that will help enterprises to get more value of these investments. It is about getting users prepared and trained, getting the right support, and utilize all the experience collected from doing similar programs the last couple of years. In essence the goal is to help organizations to become truly data driven.


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