The resilient, efficient, and sustainable supply chain journey

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Strengthening the supply chains for the unseen future uncertainties necessitates the development of robust processes and systems. But how to build the supply chain more resilient, sustainable and efficient to face the disruptions?

The challenges encountered by the supply chains when Covid-19 hit, enforced the organizations to change and take proactive steps to future-proof their supply chains to make them more resilient and agile. It is “not just fixing the problem, and stopping it from happening again, but dealing with damage that could, perhaps, have been avoided”. The pandemic has persuaded the global supply chain leaders to rethink supply chain strategies and the traditional ways of working, where the greatest threat in steering disruptions is acting with yesterday’s logic.

The utmost risk in times of such unexpected turbulence is not the turbulence but to act with yesterday’s logic. Today’s logic is to understand the importance of digital transformation, how to embrace it and find the right partner ecosystems that can save you in turbulent times.

Read the below series of blogs from Capgemini Supply Chain experts, to get a deeper understanding of the importance of digital transformation. These blogs summarize pragmatic approach suggesting ways in which organizations can build or rebuild their supply chains in a more resilient, sustainable, and efficient way to face the unforeseen supply chain disruptions.

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