Spotlight Series: From ideation to market – PLM fit in Digital era – On Demand

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Watch a replay of our recent Spotlight Series: From ideation to market – PLM fit in Digital era Webinar which we are now sharing as a webinar on demand.

Digital is a game changer and it has fundamentally disrupted the way companies determine, create and bring their products to the market. But product lifecycle management still plays an important role in the innovation process that’s why DIGITAL and PLM should be integrated to multiply the benefits.


How Dräger became a Digital Engineering Transformation pioneer?

It is high time for companies in the Manufacturing and Life Sciences sector to position themselves as digital pioneers in order to stay competitive.
In this session we will present a customer case study that will give insights.



Digital Continuity bringing engineering and data to value on the shop floor

The manufacturing industry is experiencing a fundamental transformation, with rapid developments in technology enabling both the creation of new products, and the “smartening” of legacy products to increase their lifecycle. New business models have contributed towards the shift from “product”, to “product and service”, to solely “service”. Join the webinar to see how manufacturing companies are overcoming these challenges with using a concrete example in quality control.