Create from home with IDEAN – On Demand

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Watch a replay of our recent Create from home with IDEAN Webinar which we are now sharing as a webinar on demand.

The current situation has thrown a lot of business in to a completely new way of working. A few months into this we can now see the effect of where it works what struggles exist. But for us at Idean working, or rather creating, from home is nothing new and being a globally distributed agency we are used to work together no matter where where in the world you are.

We have put together our knowledge, tools and best practice in a new packaging and offer to help our clients to create from home. We don’t see this as only a crisis move or something just for the current situation, this is a paradigm shift and many organisation can greatly benefit from harnessing the power, and savings, of creating from home.

This can benefit agile delivery teams, agile coaches, innovation teams, digital leads and digital teams, marketing teams and organisations, businesses and projects working with design thinking. But also companies where the current way of working together and delivering does not work remotely or there is a de-crease in employee engagement and productivity.