Biography: Hervé Jeannin

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Mr. Hervé Jeannin has a training of Computer Analyst (Paris), Commerce (CCI Colmar) and as a first aid trainer (Tremat Lyon).

He joined Capgemini as a developer in February 1984, after finishing his studies. He worked as an analyst until 1999, designing and managing IT projects for a range of clients. From 2000 to 2004 he developed a client account as a sales engineer within the Group. Between 2005 and 2015 he managed employee relations through a variety of roles (employee representative, works committee, health and safety committee, union representative, Union General Secretary), which he held part-time from 1993, the date of his first office as employee representative.

Since 2016, he is in charge of workplace first aid and evacuation training within the Group in France. He provides the Group with his experience in the field as first responder and psychological support provider. He was also a member of the International Work Council (IWC) from 2012 to 2020, enabling him to gain a global vision of the Group. While traveling through 50 countries, he met many group’s employees at various sites. He represents the CFDT union and Capgemini in UNI Europa.

He joined the Board of Directors on May 20, 2020 as a director representing employees. He is also a member of the Strategy & CSR Committee. Mr. Hervé Jeannin brings to the Board the perspective of an employee with considerable experience of employee relations, dialogue and negotiations gained over 27 years as an employee representative and his knowledge of the Company and its businesses thanks to 36 years spent with the Group in several business lines and six cities.

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Mr. Hervé Jeannin is in charge of workplace first aid and evacuation training within Capgemini.

Biography: Hervé Jeannin

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