Corporate Responsibility

Environmental Sustainability

Our environmental sustainability strategy is about reducing our own environmental impacts against ambitious targets, building business resilience against climate change and supporting our clients with their sustainability challenges.

Our approach to Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to being Architects of Positive Futures, using our expertise for positive impact on people and planet. Environmental Sustainability is core to our Architects of Positive Futures program, with a focus on three main streams of activity:

Our headline carbon reduction target:

We are committed to cutting our carbon emissions and we were one of the first companies in our sector to have our carbon reduction target validated by the Science-Based Target initiative(SBTi). This confirms that our goals are consistent with the global effort to keep average temperature increase well below the 2°C threshold agreed at the COP21 climate conference in Paris.

We are already over halfway to meeting this target. Find out more about our performance by downloading our latest report.

We are Resourceful:

Our target is to reduce our carbon footprint per employee by 20% by 2020 and by 30% by 2030.  Our internal program focuses on continual reduction of our environmental impacts across business travel, energy, and waste.

  • We reduce business travel emissions through travel programs across the Group that promote smart, safe and sustainable travel, as well as identify alternatives to travel.
  • We reduce the energy use in our offices and data centers through our holistic approach to energy management.
  • We also embrace the principles of the circular economy to reduce operational waste.


Click on the image to find out how we are managing our business travel emissions and how we have achieved a 3% reduction in absolute business travel emissions since 2015, despite business growth.





Click on the image to find out how we are driving down energy consumption and how we achieved a 5% reduction in data center energy use since 2015.






Click here to find out how we’re closing the loop on waste and how we have achieved a 17% reduction in waste generated per employee since 2015.





We are Accountable

Carbon Accounting System

Our environmental sustainability program is underpinned by a comprehensive carbon accounting system which accurately measures our environmental impacts across our global operations. We collect and analyze around 10 million data points each year.

Environmental Management System

We achieved our first global certificate (ISO14001) for our Environmental Management system in 2017. This ensures that our environmental approach is consistent, effective and innovative across our operations, covering ten countries associated with 142,215 people.

Our Environmental Priorities

We are ISO14001-certified in Belgium, Brazil, France, India, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, UK, USA, Canada, Italy, Poland, Germany, Finland and Sweden. Other countries are working toward their certifications. In the UK, Capgemini is currently the only company in its sector that is EMAS and ISO 50001 accredited.

Climate Risk

Two-thirds of the Group’s operations by headcount have so far developed a Climate Change Risk Assessment process (CCRA), which identifies the top climate hazards facing each country to ensure we have mitigation strategies in place.

Find out more about our approach to ensuring we are accountable in all that we do.

We are Impactful

The greatest environmental impact we can have is through the services we deliver to our clients.

Our target is:

Companies around the world are investing heavily in minimizing their environmental impacts and seeking to be more resource efficient. We have been developing a deeper understanding of the carbon benefits of our services to ensure we use our combined innovation and technology capabilities to help our clients reduce their environmental impacts.

Find out more about our approach to helping clients with their sustainability challenges.


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Group Environmental Sustainability Report 2017/18

Our 2017/18 Group Environment Sustainability Report highlights our environmental performance and continued evolution of our approach to Environmental Sustainability.

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