Looking for thoughtful, curious and experienced UX-designers

Do you have deep empathy for users, strive to make a difference and create memorable experiences? We’re growing our team in Stockholm and are looking for an experienced UX designer to join our team.

Who we are

Idean is a global experience design agency with 20-year-old Scandinavian roots, operating in the realms of design, technology and business. We create services, products and experiences from scratch and elevate existing experiences.

At Idean we believe that great design can change the world. Our design team is an incredibly talented bunch of hybrids and this is something we embrace. The team consists of people with a background in UX, visual design, service design and UI development as well as front-end and VR/AR. We know that unicorns don’t exist, but we do like designers who can rock multiple design tasks and easily adapt to new situations. Idean is a place where you’ll have loads of colleagues passionate about doing some of the best work of their lives. We also believe this can be done whilst having a laugh together and going home on time.

We work with some of the biggest and most exciting businesses across all industries – but our ambition is to grow into more industries, challenging and transforming how organisations work with design and become one of the main players locally to deliver impact at an even larger scale. Read more about us at www.idean.com

Who we are looking for

We are looking for someone who, just like us, believes that the best value is created by working close together with our clients and by not separating between strategy and execution.

When it comes to the required skills set you should have, we could have listed everything from research to interaction design to workshop facilitation and prototyping to understanding business needs. You know the list, you´ve read it in all of the other job ads out there right now. Let’s just say that we have the skills to be able to work in the entire design process, but we all have our areas where we shine. You can probably say the same about yourself and you can probably back it up with a couple of different projects.

If you also think of yourself as kind and curious, generous with knowledge, and have a responsive and inclusive manner, then you will fit right into our team.

What it’s like working at Idean

What would working here be like? Who would you work with and what would you do? We know these are the kind of questions you ask yourself when reading ads. Let us try to answer with a few examples.

If you worked at Idean right now, you would maybe be joining Anna, Christian and Jamie in teaming up with one of our largest clients to create and manage their design system. Maybe you would be involved in setting up the processes or maybe you’d be more interested in creating the UI patterns and components.

Do you prefer to work with ideas and concepts? Then you’d join Samantha and Maria in a project to create a concept for shopping in the future. You’d be doing problem framing workshops, research and ideation. If you’re more of a leader and facilitator, then you would be leading the project and coaching the others. No matter what, you’re involved in the actual creation and implementation of the solution.

Over time you will work on everything from framing the strategic problems and vision to designing, building and shipping products. You will work on projects from our studios and you will join established client product teams at their location, either as part of a small design team or as a solo design expert.

No matter what project and customer you have, you always have 50+ colleagues with similar or complementary skills who are always there for you. You reach us on Slack, where we write every day about everything from interpreting dreams and funny videos to brightening each other’s days to questions about work. You meet us on Discord, where we have a lot of our social gatherings these days. At our lunches and master classes every other week, we share experiences and inspiration with each other.

How to apply

Write a short description about the UX project you’re most proud of, attach your CV, and send it in. We’ll be interviewing continuously and hope to find our next colleague/friend as soon as possible.

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June 2, 2021

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