Senior Software Engineer - Steering - Gothenburg

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer with several years of practical experience of software development.

You will have the primary responsibility for developing and continuously improving the quality of control system architecture according to requirements and routines to work with system architects and attribute teams to establish specifications and requirements for the component and communicate them to potential suppliers with proper documentation. You will also define test plans and review test results and ensure that the work is delivered according to specified requirements and definitions.

The assignment is about creating the next generation and making improvements to the current solution.

To create and enable a smooth semi-autonomous driving and be responsible for modeling the control system, create controls design and integrate them on different targets depending on the maturity of the product. The design of the control unit will vary depending on the function that is realized and offers a wide range of challenges.

The assignment will work with the entire development chain towards the ultimate goal of delivering control functions. This includes system design and with high requirements specifications. Function implementation in Simulink, with model in loop testing and simulation.

Fast prototype tests and verification in vehicles on test ground. Code generation and software building of AUTOSAR components. Final verification of built-in software in HIL and vehicles.



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June 17, 2022

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