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Top Trends in Healthcare: 2022

The report provides an overview of the top trends in healthcare shaped by technology advancements, changing regulations, digital health and remote care, and emerging member preferences in a highly competitive environment.

COVID-19 heightened chronic challenges within the global healthcare industry. It became a catalyst amid fierce competition and tight regulations for health providers and payers to focus on digital health, cybersecurity, patient data transparency, and a variety of customer-centric and operational enhancements. As a result, we found the 2022 trendline pointing to improvements in access and quality of care.

Healthcare challenges such as optimizing the cost of care while simultaneously enabling personalized interventions and consumer-friendly shoppable services are long-standing − but, historically, the industry has been slow to react. Read our Top Trends 2022 report to examine the lingering ramifications of the pandemic, responses from medical and insurance organizations, and the worldwide impact of ever-changing regulatory standards and mandates.