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Who is this happy bunch? Why if it isn’t significant parts of Capgemini’s Swedish Intelligent Automation practice, meeting up to celebrate Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, at the Stockholm office. And they have every reason to celebrate, as they appear to be on a journey to success!

Mattias Cederlund, Principal and Practice Lead for Intelligent Automation, is happy to tell us about his team’s advances:

“We have grown almost 40% during 2021 only, to the point where, today, we have the largest pool of expertise in our area among all consulting firms in Sweden.”

“Still, I am confident that we will keep growing. This is a market in movement, and client demand is high, but we can offer one-stop-shop solutions – advising, developing, and maintaining – or help accelerate and transform clients’ business, independent on market. Every day, I see how this team is earning our clients’ trust and loyalty.”

“I believe that these long-term client collaborations alongside well-established relationships with our tech partners, in an international, open-minded culture is what makes us unique.”

Mattias goes on to tell us about what he considers to be his team’s main success factors:

“It is such a diverse team; we have competencies ranging from business architects and analysts to cloud and infra developers, we have people of all seniorities and currently ten different nationalities – all pulling together.”

“I see that as one of our greatest assets; the ability to use that diversity to create an innovative and inclusive environment, where we share knowledge and experience and put our focus on the team’s joint delivery, rather than just individual success.”

Tarkan Cakici, who joined the Intelligent Automation team through Capgemini’s graduate program Ignite, agrees:

“That was one of the first things I noticed – the open and welcoming environment, where no questions are stupid or left unanswered. I have received great support from day one, in everything from learning the fundamentals about our software, to preparing for certifications, to career planning. My role today is everything I wanted; I joined as a developer but soon took an interest in the Business Analyst role. I love what I do.”

Claudia Hallén has been part of the IA for 3,5 years and just recently came back from maternity leave to become Team Manager. She reflects on how workplace culture enables knowledge-sharing within the team:

“There are hierarchical levels in terms of roles, but in culture, we are a flat organization. If anyone runs into a challenging task at the client’s, they know that there is always someone within the IA team who will gladly help them out. As managers, we try to create a culture of trust, and our senior consultants are terrific team players which is, of course, a prerequisite for great knowledge transfer.”

Mattias Cederlund is Principal & Practice Lead for Intelligent Automation Sweden

Mattias always enjoys seeing the capabilities of the team increasing:

“When I think of the big steps that we take every week and month, I feel really proud. I once told the team that every day we work together, we add 50 days of experience into our practice. Each week, we add another year of experience! I think that is just fantastic and can see how that knowledge is put well to use at the clients.”

When asked about his personal contribution to the team’s growth, Mattias prefers to mention others’:

“We have fantastic support from the Talent Acquisition team; our market units give great sponsorship, and the sales organization is very engaged in providing our consultants with relevant assignments… That collaboration is an important prerequisite when we look ahead, especially as we have such a strong growth focus, both in terms of team size and knowledge.”

“The ecosystem around automation will continue to accelerate; technology development is incredibly fast, and our greatest challenge will always be to continue to translate that development into benefits for our customers; their needs will not likely decrease.”

“At the end of the day, our consultants will always be our rock stars – with everything they bring to the table in terms of mindset, technical skill, and expertise. They really carry this practice. I am just happy however I can support them.”