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Business Travel – How we reduce our travel emissions

As a people-centered business, meeting with clients continues to be an important part of building relationships and developing teams. Business travel is, however, our single largest source of carbon emissions and a significant contributor to air pollution. Across the Group, we focus on sustainable travel initiatives from virtual collaboration and incentivized public transport, to car sharing apps and electric pool cars.

Business travel at a glance (vs 2015)

Across the business, we deliver our sustainable travel in different ways

car sharing

Car sharing in India

In India, Capgemini has partnered with ‘sRide’, India’s largest carpooling app across 12 Indian cities with an exceptional uptake, with more than 80,000 of our India colleagues becoming active users. 34.45 million carpool kilometers were logged on the app until December 2019, helping to save over 7,088 tCO2e from commuting, as well as reducing congestion and air pollution.

Encouraging public transport for commuting and business travel through discounts in the Netherlands

Capgemini Netherlands offers a comprehensive mobility program to its employees: a flexible mobility budget; a lease arrangement to choose fuel efficient, lower emissions lease cars; free public transport travel for those with a lease car; a range of financial incentives offered both for purchase and business use of bicycles; and provision of eBikes and eCars at the Utrecht and Amsterdam offices.


Virtual Collaboration Hubs in the UK

In 2019, Capgemini UK launched a new travel reduction program, to shift our focus from ‘travel’ to how we can better ‘connect’, bringing together virtual collaboration technology with organizational behavior change. Investing in the creation of nine branded physical ‘hub’ spaces across the UK, we enabled geographically dispersed teams to co-collaborate without the need to travel. This has been further supported by new Office365™ solutions deployed in the UK and globally, enabling employee collaboration from any location. The campaign contributed to a 13.3% reduction in business travel emissions in the UK in 2019 alone.