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Struggling to find the AI capabilities you need to thrive in the post-pandemic era?


“AI is a truly transformational technology that could play a catalysing role in our response to COVID-19 and other global challenges provided it is developed and used with trust, transparency, and accountability,” said OECD Secretary-General, Angel Gurría recently.

At Capgemini, we share that opinion. AI could be the key to success in the recovery period following the pandemic because of its ability to help organizations make rapid decisions based on insights rather than intuition so that they can stay relevant and keep ahead of competitors.

I realize that none of this will be news to you. Our clients tell us that they recognize the pivotal role of AI only too well, but are concerned that they lack the knowledge, capabilities, and talent needed to utilize its potential. Even before the pandemic, there were reports of an AI skills shortage. According to this report from the Capgemini Research Institute, nearly two-thirds (64%) of organizations consider the lack of skills to be the biggest challenge to AI implementation.

Now, with the limited AI workforce that firms have working flat out, as well as many working from home, the problem of training more people as AI developers – or even as AI-savvy managers – is more acute than ever. Sure, there are lot of courses around, but none of them quite fits the bill – the academic ones are often a bit too rigorous while the MOOC ones are too self-fulfilling.

There are three critical success factors for making a significant impact through upskilling employees in data and AI:

  • Online courses are plentiful, but one-on-one contact with mentors and subject matter experts is needed to ensure guided problem solving through the early phases of learning.
  • People from various sectors and functions need relevant examples so they are able to understand, relate and apply these to ensure better business outcomes.
  • Getting oneself rapidly upskilled is about building a stronger understanding of 20% of the concepts that are to be used during 80% of the course.

With this in mind, Capgemini has decided to offer the clients access to a contextual program that has already trained thousands of Capgemini AI experts globally to deliver AI solutions at scale. Please visit the AI Academy Practitioners page to find out how the program can help you secure and maintain your competitive edge in an unprecedentedly volatile business environment.