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beyond the buzz

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Lanny Cohen
Date icon December 19, 2018

This is an overarching trend that we’ve explored in depth throughout 2018, a sampling of which we are pleased to present to you here.

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What Agile can learn from the construction industry?

Jonathan Eaton
Date icon April 17, 2019

Agile was, in reality, invented by the building industry, and discovered and reinvented by...

The alternative for IT talent sourcing – Distributed Agile Delivery

Maurice Driessen
Date icon April 17, 2019

The demand for IT talent exceeds the supply and the supply of talent is fragmented. Staffing...

Building your bespoke social media stack

Farhan Shaikh
Date icon April 17, 2019

Brands cannot expect their core teams to wake up one day and start taking data-driven...


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