Strategy and Transformation

Lee Beardmore

Expert in Technology Strategy

I have spent over two decades advising clients on best strategies for technology adoption.

I am currently leading the push in AI and intelligent automation for Capgemini’s Business Services.

I am a computer scientist by education, a technologist at heart, and can offer a wealth of cross-industry experience to my clients.

Lee Beardmore

My experience

Vice President, Innovation, Business Services @ Capgemini


Global BPO - Chief Technology Officer @ Capgemini

07/16/2013 to 09/01/2018

Head of Business Process Management @ Capgemini

02/14/2012 to 07/22/2013

Chief Technologist, Agile Legacy Lifecycle & Lifecycle CoE @ Capgemini

12/14/2010 to 03/26/2012

Strategy Director for IBM Solutions, Managing Consultant & Enterprise Architect @ Capgemini

10/15/2002 to 03/28/2011

Principal Consultant @ Management Consulting Company

01/11/2000 to 08/13/2002

Head of Technical Architecture @ Investment Firm

07/17/1996 to 01/18/2000

IS Consultant @ Information Technology and Services Company

08/12/1992 to 07/23/1996

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