Wendy Coster – Haas

I am passionate about develop innovative solutions that help companies become high-performance organizations. Moreover, I like to analyze business processes, identify complex problems and work on solutions focused on the delivery of tangible business results for the client and to fundamentally improve their Supply Chain and Operations.

I am interested in develop strategies and optimize processes and operating models that integrate planning, warehousing and fulfilment functions within an organization and across their extended supply chain. The subject that interests me most is Last Mile distribution, the future changes and the impact thereof on the entire chain.

My clients are usually within the Consumer Products or Retail sector especially focused on ecommerce, but I have also experiences in health care.

Wendy Coster – Haas

My experience

Managing Consultant @ Capgemini Invent

Jan 2019 - Present

Senior Consultant @ Capgemini Invent

Jul 2016 - Dec 2018

Consultant @ Capgemini Invent

Feb 2014 - Jun 2016

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