Digital Customer Experience

Henrik Soderqvist

Expert in Mobility

With 15+ years of experience, Henrik is passionate about the latest technologies and he leverages his experiences to provide innovative and cost-effective IT solutions to his clients. He enjoys building and coaching technology teams to bring new products and services to the market.

His ability to understand both application software and hardware has proven fruitful when connecting physical products in IoT solutions. He daily navigates complex IT environments and never hesitates to take on challenging tasks.

His skills range from a deep technical understanding to building and managing teams. Henrik can communicate visions to stakeholders and developers on all levels.

Henrik Soderqvist

My experience

Cloud Solutions Architect @ Capgemini

05/17/2019 - Present

Solutions Architect ServiceNow @ Product/Service

01/01/2019 TO 05/16/2019

Manager Cloud and IoT @ Mechanical/Industrial Engineering Firm

08/01/2017 TO 12/31/2017

Manager Team Mobile @ Capgemini

02/17/2016 TO 07/31/2017