Digital Customer Experience

Alexis Zamkow

Expert in Database Marketing, Digital Services

I advise clients on their digital transformation strategy and implemenation plans through leveraging consumer insights, capability mapping, technology, partnerships, data and change management.

Alexis Zamkow

My experience

Innovation and Digital Services @ Capgemini


General Manager, Data and Targeting Solutions, Digital Delivery Network @ Package/Freight Delivery Firm

04/18/2007 to 02/18/2014

Co-owner / Strategic Advisor @ Information Technology and Services Company

09/13/2001 to 01/11/2012

Director CRM @ Oil and Energy Firm

11/07/2002 to 11/22/2007

Managing Partner, Direct and Digital @ Marketing & Sales Firm

11/15/2000 to 11/14/2002

VP Client Services @ Marketing & Sales Firm

11/18/1993 to 11/16/2000