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Christopher Stancombe

Expert in Business Process Outsourcing, Finance & Accounting Operations

I lead Capgemini’s global Business Process Outsourcing division. I have broad experience in outsourcing but I have also worked as a COO, CFO and CIO in industry. My team and I help organisations transform their business processes to deliver world-class outcomes.

Christopher Stancombe

My experience

Chief Executive Officer, BPO strategic business unit @ Capgemini


Member of the Group Executive Committee @ Capgemini


Global Chief Operating Officer for BPO @ Capgemini

01/15/2013 to 01/15/2014

Global Head of Finance and Accounting Outsourcing @ Capgemini

01/12/2005 to 01/21/2013

Enterprise Architect @ Information Technology and Services Company

04/10/2001 to 04/14/2004

Global CFO @ Consulting Firm

04/18/1989 to 04/12/2000

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