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Anjali Pendlebury Green

Expert in HR Outsourcing, HR Transformation

I am an expert in the field of HR Outsourcing and HR Transformation, specializing in delivering HR solutions that leverage global outsourcing platforms, leading edge technology, stack offers and process standardization. I have led award-winning HRO teams for large multinational companies with a special focus on the manufacturing sector.

Anjali Pendlebury Green

My experience

Global HR Transformation Lead : Capgemini BPO @ Capgemini


Director Business Process Outsourcing @ Capgemini


Consultant - Principal Consultant : Employee Transformation @ Capgemini Consulting

06/07/2005 to 06/18/2013

HR Manager @ Airlines/Aviation

01/09/2001 to 01/13/2004

Assistant Manager @ Food & Beverages

11/03/1997 to 12/28/1999

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